The Kaldlands - Ep.1

Kinley's Journal, Entry 416
Day 4 of the Kaldlands Expedition - Cauldron

Full Moon, Arodus 4567

The adventurers safely returned from their rescue-mission in the woods. They also brought back a cauldron reported to come to life when heated. Apparently it demands blood and is rather impatient.

Me and my men will journey towards the forges of Ashenvale to melt it down. Oddly, no caravans has arrived from Ashenvale for some time and it’s reported to have a mist shrouding the town. Much akin to the raid on our ship.

Sailors are stationed on Faelthaf to serve as guards. Cain, the adventurer bard has decided to stay and organize the men guarding. Remaining adventurers have decided to venture deeper into the woods, in case more men than Ben Peyton happened to be lost in there.

Mister Fortress has been dispatched to join their efforts. May their strikes be true and travels safe.

Nightly reporting done,

The Kaldlands - Four Heroes
A kidnap ends in bloodbath, heroes forged.

Tell-tale journal of Bjuri
Full moon, harvest season

Yesterday our children went missing. They had been taken to the forest. Luckily, amongst newcomers were four exceptional individuals.

We ventured deep into the forest and fought a vile frog-like creature with shout so cold it turned to winter! Then, thick mist appeared and skeletal children wandered about!

When all seemed lost, the brave adventurers defeated the foul beast with grace and wit!

Then, we found dear Paal and Flinne in the cellar of the beings hut and swiftly returned home, back to Faelthaf.

Praise the giants for our newfound friends!

The Kaldlands - Intro Pt.2
The Rough Riddler survives!

Captain’s Log
Halfmoon, Arodus 4567

A mighty victory for me and my crew! Should it not have been for our bunch of charming friends, our ship would have been bound to sink to the depths of the Steaming Sea.

Longboats with wretched undead boatsmen warriors latched on and boarded the Rough Riddler! But they proved no match for our skilled crew!

Ought to have seen that Half-orc, split their captain AND his first-mate in two with but a single slash! Rest of his crew dropped dead as soon as cap’n kicked the bucket. Odd green flames poofed up from his body.

Other ship got sunk by our gunman fiddling with the strange papered boxes. Loudest noise ever there was!

Lost a couple of men as well, may their souls find eternal joy in the alehouse of Cailean.

But hey, ship still a float and land in sight.

Soon Roane, we may meet again.
Alexus Quincy Derrick III

The Kaldlands - Intro
Will the Rough Riddler stand against a rough storm?

Captain’s log
Daggermoon, Arodus – 4567

With a crew of about 27, we pat ourselves on our backs and pray to Caelan for good fortune. For we are about to sail to our deaths for 2,000 coins of the finest gold. Shieldcliffian gold supplied by our Seekers (somekinda diplomats), Safir and Kinley. Self-congratulatory pricks.

The sailors are a bunch of halfwits but those 4 however, a bunch of hearty mates those! Especially that kid with the strange red hair. I like him somehow. Reminds of of good ol’ times.

Then there’s this mountian of muscle with a strange cuddly-toy. I’ve seen enough to know not to mess with bulky types with big weapons and soft toys.

We also have this quiet type with a blumberclub. Figured he lets his gun to the talking. Man’s voice can only sound so loud, har-har!

At last, we have a wonderful lady aboard. Though from what I can smell, she wreaks of arcana. Gives me them chills, glad we’re on the same side. (Hopefully)

’tis to us Roane, I will see you soon.
Alexus Quincy Derrick III

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