The Kaldlands - Ep.1

The Kaldlands - Four Heroes

A kidnap ends in bloodbath, heroes forged.

Tell-tale journal of Bjuri
Full moon, harvest season

Yesterday our children went missing. They had been taken to the forest. Luckily, amongst newcomers were four exceptional individuals.

We ventured deep into the forest and fought a vile frog-like creature with shout so cold it turned to winter! Then, thick mist appeared and skeletal children wandered about!

When all seemed lost, the brave adventurers defeated the foul beast with grace and wit!

Then, we found dear Paal and Flinne in the cellar of the beings hut and swiftly returned home, back to Faelthaf.

Praise the giants for our newfound friends!


Biscuitfist Biscuitfist

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