The Kaldlands - Ep.1

Kinley's Journal, Entry 416

Day 4 of the Kaldlands Expedition - Cauldron

Full Moon, Arodus 4567

The adventurers safely returned from their rescue-mission in the woods. They also brought back a cauldron reported to come to life when heated. Apparently it demands blood and is rather impatient.

Me and my men will journey towards the forges of Ashenvale to melt it down. Oddly, no caravans has arrived from Ashenvale for some time and it’s reported to have a mist shrouding the town. Much akin to the raid on our ship.

Sailors are stationed on Faelthaf to serve as guards. Cain, the adventurer bard has decided to stay and organize the men guarding. Remaining adventurers have decided to venture deeper into the woods, in case more men than Ben Peyton happened to be lost in there.

Mister Fortress has been dispatched to join their efforts. May their strikes be true and travels safe.

Nightly reporting done,


Biscuitfist Biscuitfist

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